Is there a difference between natural, bio and organic care?

Is there a difference between natural, bio and organic care?

Natural, bio and organic are terms that we often hear and attach importance to but it is often not entirely clear to us if they all mean the same thing and what exactly does it mean?

So is there a difference between organic and natural personal care products?

Yes, there is a nuance to this. To make the difference clear, we need to add another term: Synthetic. According to teh dictionary, synthetic is "artificially manufactured by chemical means," so anything synthetic is not natural.
Because as the term itself puts it, natural refers to the use of ingredients derived from nature.

What is organic?

I like to clarify the difference between organic and natural by using an apple. Every apple is natural because every apple is a product from nature. But not every apple is organic because an apple may have been treated with insecticides, for example.

So with organic 🌱 baby care we go one step further than natural baby care.

But organic is much more than just avoiding insecticides.

Organizations such as Ecocert Bio and Cosmos Organic have developed guidelines that organic products must meet. Organic products must obviously contain both natural and organic ingredients. They also avoid a whole list of harmful substances. Furthermore, there are also guidelines for the packaging (for example, you may not use a carton box if it is not necessary. Aha, yes that's why Oh, Baby! products are not packed in a box), the biodegradability and the production process of organic care products.

Why do I sometimes see the mention "bio"?

Bio refers to 'biological', which is the translation for organic in multiple languages as French ("Biologique"), German ('BIo'), Dutch ('Biologisch'), ... 

In a nutshell:

  • Natural = a product of nature
  • Organic = a product from nature on which no insecticides or other chemicals are used, without harmful substances and guarantees to biodegradability, safe production process and ecological packaging.
  • So Oh, Baby! baby care is organic, natural and organic 🌱.

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