How do I care for my baby's dry skin?

How do I care for my baby's dry skin?

Everyone loves the feeling of soft baby skin. But during fall and winter when temperature is getting colder, your baby may develop dry skin more quickly. In most cases, dry skin is harmless, but sometimes the skin can start to itch and flake, and in the severe cases, eczema can even develop. Therefore, it is important that you adequately moisturize your baby's skin at all times.

Why do babies suffer from dry skin faster? 

A newborn baby's skin is not yet fully developed and is up to five times thinner than adult skin. Because the outer skin layer is still so thin, it does not provide proper protection. In addition, not enough sebum is produced to keep the skin adequately hydrated. This makes a baby more sensitive to water, for example, but also to cold wind and violent temperature changes. Especially in the colder months, this makes it easy for a baby to get dry skin.

How can I avoid dry baby skin? 

Thanks to some practical tips, you can feed and protect fragile baby skin from drying out as much as possible.  

1️⃣ Limit washing your baby to 3 times a week. This is because soap and water can damage the oily protective layer of baby's delicate skin, and that layer is very important for protecting baby's skin. If you prefer to bathe your baby daily, use the soapy Oh, Baby! Body Wash, as it is soap-free, and our organic bath oil (see tip 3).

2️⃣ Use lukewarm water. Too hot water causes your baby's skin to dry out faster. This applies to adults, too, by the way!

3️⃣ Always use an oil to soften the bath water. The Oh, Baby! Bath Oil is a rich formula based on organic sunflower oil. The sunflower oil puts a layer on the skin which prevents moisture from being withdrawn from the skin during bathing. This way, dehydration of the skin is avoided. You can also use Oh, Baby! Bath Oil to wash your baby. The oil will not foam, but it will cleanse the skin and give extra hydration. After bathing, you will feel a very soft and moisturized layer on your baby's skin. 

4️⃣ Pat your baby dry with a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing as this may affect your baby's delicate skin. When patting dry, also pay extra attention to the skin folds so that they definitely don't stay damp. 

5️⃣ Lubricate your baby with a moisturizing cream. The Oh, Baby! Body Milk is an organic body milk that restores & strengthens baby's natural protective layer of skin. Our body lotion contains squalane, among other ingredients. This is a plant-based ingredient that prolongs hydration. 
Through the following video we show you how to easily apply the body lotion on your little one with an old makeup brush! 



6️⃣ Dress your baby warmly enough to protect him/her from the cold weather. If necessary, double-apply the Oh, Baby! Body Milk before you go outside. This way, you give baby's skin an extra layer of protection from the fresh air. 

Does your baby continue to suffer from extremely dry skin or even eczema? Then consulting a pediatrician, family doctor or dermatologist is highly recommended. They can personally guide you in treating baby's dry skin.